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СѧӢģMy Best Friend

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Hello! Everyone. I’ll introduce my best friend to you. Her name is Zhou Xun. Her English name is Zoe. I like her English name better. Zoe likes it, too.

    Zoe is a lovely girl. She is not tall. She is very thin. She has a round face and two small eyes. Her hair is short. She often wears a pink dress, because pink is her favorite color. She always has a smiling face, so everyone likes her very much.

    Zoe is a clever girl. She’s our monitor. She works hard at school everyday. She likes to ask and answer the questions. Her copybooks are clean and tidy. Her handwriting is very beautiful. She is good at English and math. She is a top student in our class.

    Zoe is a versatile girl. She can play the piano. She can draw pictures. She can tango. She can swim. She can do everything very well.

    Zoe has a big dog. Its name is Xiao Xiong. They are good friends. I like it, too.

    Do you like my best friend, Zoe?